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Introduction | BioMosae


Pesticides are used to prevent diseases and to increase the food production capacity for centuries. The usage of pesticides is causing problems such as health effects, environmental pollution and food safety problems. According to World Health Organization 3,000,000 cases of pesticide poisoning and 220,000 deaths are reported in developing countries annually. The increasing need for food and the concern of the use of toxic chemical pesticides, force growers to look for new environmentally friendly products. There is a growing gap between what bio-solutions market can offer and what growers need. BioMosae is developing a highly and wide effective, low cost biological crop protection ingredient EnzymeCP®, based on enzymes. From scientific literature enzymes are not only known for their antifungal activity but also for their growth enhancing properties.

As a biological production platform we are using a proprietary enzyme-producing microbe (BM-1) in combination with enhanced tailormade immobilization technology, enabling us to produce in a continuous system, against low cost.


- Our BM-1 strain produces enzymatic substance which has antifungal properties and growth enhancing effect - Our BM-1 strain can be immobilized, while keeping enough activity

Unique process conditions under which immobilized BM-1 strain can produce in a continuous system

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